What is the Difference Between "Law of Gravity" and "Law of Attraction"?

Do you know the difference between laws, "The Law of Gravity" and "The law of Attraction"? If no, the answer is that both laws are universal and works everywhere without any exception.

If you are ready to give prolonged thought to anything in your life, you can draw it in to your life. This is the law of attraction. This law is as accurate as the law of gravity. If somebody falls down from a height, he or she will definitely hit the ground whether he or she is good or bad. The law of gravity has no bias with you or with anybody.

Like the law of gravity, the law of attraction has also no bias. Whether you are thinking a good thought or a bad thought, you will attract in your life.

You can change anything in your life, because we are the one who can think about our thought and can feel about our thought.

Did I mention feeling here?

Yes! One important thing about the law of attraction is that you have to think as well as think about that thing. Feeling is the communication of the universe. If you are feeling good that means you are aligned with the universal energy. If you are feeling bad, it's the communication from universe that it is a warning massage from God or universe to change that thought.

So, to use this amazing law of attraction and you can get or achieve anything into your life like wealth, health and happiness.

Again the key here is, Feel Good. And attract anything in your life.