The Law of Attraction and the Lottery?

Many people wonder if the law of attraction will help them win the lottery. In theory it might, although you would have to suspend disbelief 100% and keep on with that faith even as you come up with losing ticket after losing ticket. It is possible.


Why waste all of your time wishing about the lottery. It's the money and the freedom that you REALLY want. Why not use the law of attraction to attract a specific amount of money and then you will have that freedom?

If you really want to live the good life all you have to do is to set your mind to a specific amount, lets say $ 3 million. For most people, this would give them the freedom and all of the shiny things that they want. Then start to map out possible strategies to achieve that $ 3 million. It's not nearly as hard as you might think it is. With $ 10,000 earning 10 percent per month, you would have that $ 3 million in about five years.

The more you break down what you really want, the easier it will seem inside of your mind. And your mind produces all of the "magic" that we are looking for. So you can break that down even further and find a way to get that $ 10,000. Once you have that, it is up to you to find a way to get that 10 percent per month. As anyone who has traded stocks actively can tell you, that is entirely possible with just one trade per month.

There are many other ways you can achieve that ten percent. The point I am trying to make is that we use the lottery as an "easy" way out. But the more we approach it from a different perspective, the more we will find many ways that are actually easier because they are more probable. Dream big and you WILL achieve something more substantial than just a lottery win.